Jim Kozlowski earned his BS and MS in art education at the State University College at Buffalo.  After teaching art in suburban Rochester for 12 years, in 1977 he became a full time potter; and in 1979 moved his family to Bristol NY where he built the Wizard of Clay Pottery, a production studio and retail store.
"My work as a potter provided income to support my family," says Jim, "but my first love has always been painting.  Since my retirement last year I've had time to get back to my brushes and canvases.
"I started painting with acrylics, using the technique of impasto,  thick paint applied with a palette knife.  The resulting texture creates a dramatic effect.

"My most recent works are colored pencil  drawings based on my photographs."
Jim lives in Trumansburg NY with his wife Lois, a jewelry designer and avid gardener.  He is grateful for the support and encouragement of his son Jamie, who continues to carry on the work at the pottery, and his daughter Kasia, who is an art conservator in Trumansburg.

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